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A colleague of mine from The 6M Community has just launched a new book The Secret to Unleash The Power Of Mindset Do you know who you are? That is a question Dechen Lau’s book addresses. This is an important component of helping us establish our strengths on the path to success. I have come away from reading this book, with new “success habits” and a success journal.

What I have discovered on my journey to success, is that one must have success habits, develop daily rituals that empower us and establish disciplined daily routines.
For many of us creative beings this can be a challenge. Routines and discipline are often seen as disempowering rather then what they really are, empowerering. The exercises Dechen sets out will empower you, if you choose to follow them.

In The Secret to Unleash The Power of Mindset, Dechen Lau gives those of us who must do, a way to experience this in a simple and effective way. Each chapter has exercises, that call to action and reinforce the principles of success, This is an essential addition to your success library. Just do the exercises!

Dechan is also offering some great bonuses with this e-book, check it out here