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Some days the world is full of possibilities and life just flows.

Other days frustration can appear and life gets blocked!

Yesterday was a frustrating, blocked day for me. On our beach walk this morning I was talking with Des about how frustrated I was feeling about not getting the things done that I had set myself to do.

Des asked me what were the three most important things that on any given day I would want to get done if I was to feel satisfied. And the 3 were making money, inspiring others, getting done what I  had set myself for the day. Des then asked if I could only have one of those at the end of the day which would it be.

I said inspiring others. I felt good about that which doesn’t mean I don’t want to make money on a daily basis.

Then Des suggested  a possibility conversation. I asked what that was?

Des said I would have to put aside thinking about the past, what had been done and not done,and even put aside focusing on the present. We would just discuss possibilities.

As my mind started to figure this out Des said there was another rule, I had to sent my “controller” off for a walk on the other side of the beach. Not easy for me but I went along with it.

Just them I looked up and saw a rainbow. The ageless symbol of both abundance and possibility?


Rainbow  over Coolangatta January 27 2009 © Suzie Cheel

We then went on to talk about possible ways that I would be able to inspire people on a daily basis.

Then Des asked what was possible to achieve in this regard in 2 months time?
What system would I  need to set in place so that every night I would have a better than 80% chance of being able to say with confidence that today I inspired someone somewhere in the world.
That gave me a basis to develop a plan
I came home inspired to clear the decks and focusing on making the possibility my reality.

Simple and Easy.

Let me know if you might like to try the possibility conversation and if it helps you?

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