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Carole and I welcome you to the brand new simplified and detoxed  Abundance Carnival.

To begin, a few affirmations on Abundant Health that are both fun and inspiring.


This carnival leads off with a post I read during the week on the blog The Next 45 years. Alex was a regular contributor to the Abundance Thinking  Carnival. He had a guest post  by Jenny Mannion of  Healing Pain Naturally. Jenny writes how she has used the Law of Attraction for self healing to overcome a disorder that she had been told by doctors that with all her chronic illnesses the best I could hope for was to “manage my pain with prescription medication. I was told my pain and quality of life would only worsen. After seeing The Secret, I knew I had to learn all I could about the Law of Attraction and the mind/body connection so that I could HEAL myself."

This post and her blog are so inspiring. Jenny has developed her own 8 step PAGING ME method to stay in the moment and be focused. A must read and so complementary to this carnival’s theme of Abundant Health,

A big thank you to everyone for your inspiring entries. Now to the 5 posts we have chosen from the 28 entries.

First we have another story of self healing by Jon "aka" Palehorse Redivivus at Beyond Within. Jon tells his story about  Overcoming Attention Deficit Disorder: Four Powerful Techniques . "After deciding long-term medication was not an option for me, I spent more than a year exploring alternate healing methods and figuring out how to overcome my ADD. These are the four most effective methods I found." His four methods are something we can all employ when we need to be clear and focused as well as for becoming abundantly healthy.

Our thoughts do affect how we feel and  Gabriella Kortsch  writes about  How Your Thoughts Change Your Body. Gabriella uses  the work of biologists and one of my favourite writers on the topic of the power of water as a healing force, Japanese scientist  Masaru Emoto.  As Gabriella says: "Thoughts do change our bodies. We used to receive this information only through metaphysical sources. Now we receive this information from cellular and molecular biologists."

Our emotional well being is an important part of having Abundant Health. Both Rose Walbrugh and Warren Wong look at this from 2 different points of view.

Rose asks us: Are you addicted to your emotions?  and challenges us with a closing question: "Are we just as blatantly addicted to our emotions as the smoker to his cigarettes? And instead of merely popping into the corner shop to feed our addiction, do we inadvertently orchestrate our lives around our emotional addictions?"

Warren provides  several reason Why Mediation Can Be Very Useful . He illustrates through a conversation with Person A and Person B how our emotions  can take over and we become defensive.  Each is trying to explain their own position and  will refuse to listen until he/she feels that his/her point has been understood! However, that’ll never happen if both people are in that state! As Warren says: "This is where mediation can be very useful."

The Sweet Smell of Success  from  GP  looks at our overall well being : We close ourselves from life and slowly forget everything about why you started this in the first place. As you’re out there in the world, folks, remember to be patient. “Patience grasshopper” Deep breath.There’s an ancient Buddhist proverb that goes, “Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water; after enlightenment, chop wood and carry water.” It’s a good saying, not only for seeking an enlightened mind, but for seeking success in any fashion; it means to keep doing the work, no matter what. Be patient. Keep going. Don’t be detoured by your own success or failure- let it instead be just another “town along the road”.

What does having Abundant Health or being Abundantly Healthy mean for you?

Leave a comment below and submit your story to the next edition of Abundance Carnival. This will be over at The Healthy Living lounge. You can submit your wonderful post here. Closing time is Sunday 24th February EST (USA).

We look forward to seeing you in 2 weeks.

Thank you for reading and wishing you a deliciously healthy Valentine’s Day.

Suzie & Carole