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It was great to meet Michael Losier who is known as the How-To Guy for Law of Attraction .

Michael ran a 3 hour workshop in Brisbane on Sunday. As well as being a totally absorbing experience, this was the most practical approach to the Law of Attraction I have experienced. Not that I was really surprised. I had known from reading his book and newsletter and listening to some of his teleclasses that this was going to be a full-on, experiential learning experience.

Michael is passionate about teaching the Law of Attraction. He stresses the simplicity of the 3 step formula he teaches:

  • identify my desire
  • give my desire attention
  • allow it

We were all given a workbook based on Michael’s book:

Law of Attraction: The science of attracting more of what you want and less of what you don’t want.

He then had us step page by page through each exercise. There was lots of repetition, as well as laughter. He is a very funny man and uses story to illustrate many points. We started with repeating what was to be a theme:

I attract to myself, my life and business, whatever I give my attention, energy and focus to, whether negative or positive.

We  worked through the exercise Words send vibrations that I shared in an earlier post. Michael also had us write: it is all about vibes. Remembering  we all have a mood or a feeling always, right now and it is either positive or negative.

We then spent the rest of the time working through a series of simple exercises, moving from identifying what we don’t want, and giving that only the minimum of attention, to what we do want and how to attract it..

Does it work I hear you asking ?

Well for Anne-Marie, who went to last year’s seminar with Michael stood up at the end and told the audience how within 3 months, she tripled her income, is living in her dream house, is driving a prestige car. Anne-Marie followed  the processes in Michael’s Book. She was one high vibrational lady. I spoke with her afterwards, she told me that she and her husband had spent both a lot of time and money on many courses, this had been the turning point for them.I could relate to that and look forward to following to similar path.

We all left with tools to inspire, uplift  and move forward with the Law of Attraction.

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