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I was so inspired this week at my Quilters Group to arrive as a glitzy hat and large birthday cake were being presented to 90 year old Joyce Lilley


After blowing out the candles and cutting the cake, Joyce then took the microphone and spoke to the group.

As you can see from the photos Joyce is a very young looking 90 year old. I also noticed she stands tall, and carries herself with confidence.

90thwebShe joined the Gold Coast Quilters group in her 80’s after cross stitch became too hard on her eyes.

She has mastered quilting , made numerous quilts over the past 6 years and today was knitting a jumper.

I spoke to her later in the morning and Joyce told me her secret was to be always active- both in mind and body . She says she loves life and is always out and about.

Such an inspiration and a good reminder of how important keeping both the body and mind active and alert will keep you young at heart.