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Motivational Saying


Todays motivational sayings were inspired by Alex Blackwell’s post today :“In The Blink of an Eye”

The moving story Alec tells jolted me out of a little self indulgent poor me state that I was going through. I was giving myself a hard time for not getting my blog posts written yesterday…………. The plan had been to map out my posts for this week, and get 4 of them written so I could focus on some money making activities for the week. Somehow the inspiration didn’t come, so I ventured into some social marketing activities, I do now have some new blogging friends and a growing community. I am grateful for that.

Reading  In The Blink of an Eye, reminded me to be grateful for my wonderful life and the importance of living in the present.

Alex’s list that reminded him of the the most important things in his life is something I share here to remind me to focus on what’s good in my wonderful life.

• Show gratitude everyday
• Appreciate the small things as much as the large
• Acknowledge your dreams that live inside of you – nurture them, give them energy and work on them every day
• If you have a partner, tell him or her how much you love them, everyday
• If you have children, do the same
• Show one act of random kindness each day
• Give yourself grace for the mistakes made in the past
• Think about how you want to live; not how you don’t want to live
• Tell the Universe, everyday, what you want – and then feel it
• Forgive those who have harmed you; forgiveness isn’t about giving a gift to the offender; it’s about giving yourself the gift of freedom and peace
• Enjoy your first cup of coffee in the morning; sing out loud when your favorite song is played on the radio; and appreciate the time you share with those closest to you.

Today I will focus on living in the NOW.  There is no time like the present.

I am going to the beach to reflect on Alex’s list and celebrate life.

How will you celebrate today? Leave a comment below,


Yesterday is history

Tomorrow is a mystery. 

And today? Today is a gift. 

That’s why we call it the present. 

~Babatunde Olatunji