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Law of Attraction buffs can test their knowledge in this fun and experiental quiz that Evelyn Lim from Attraction Mind Map has put together.

Evelyn has put together 20 questions and you can see how you rate as you take the quiz. I love the images Evelyn has used and the thought she has taken with the words and links that follow each question.

This is also a great introduction to those new to LOA.

Just a word of caution, looking at the images can lower your score! Each question is worth 100 points and after the first question the timer is on and the longer you take to answer the less points you get.:)

It is multiple choice just like Who wants to be a Millionaire
I agree with Evelyn that:

I believe that the best way of learning any subject is in a variety of ways: tests, quizzes, articles, books, discussions, etc. So if you are game for a little of challenge, take the quiz below:

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