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Taking time out to treat ourselves is important in maintaining abundant health.

One of the ways I love to treat myself is by having a spa or a soak in a hot tub. I find having a spa both relaxing as well as invigorating. It can be a time for meditating and reflecting, a fun time shared with friends or even a romantic moment.

I have,over time enjoyed a variety of different spa experiences.

One romantic time I had was when we were staying at The Inn of Alameda, Santa Fe. It was winter and there were 2 spas outside. The hotel provided a bottle of champagne on arrival. This was back in 1995, I checked online and they still do this, as well as provide sumptuous breakfasts.

We ventured out with champagne and glasses in hand to the spa, and climbed into the spa. Just as we raised our glasses to toast one another , it began to snow. Des still comments that this was such a crazy and most memorable time.

I have often lusted after having one on these on the deck of a home or outdoors.
We used to have neighbours who has a spa in their backyard, where again we shared many a glass of champagne.

Besides these wonderful experiences I know that there can be many health benefits from having treating oneself to a regulars spa session. I think it would be wonderful to be able to relax each day with a spa. It can help to relieve stress, great for strained muscles. Spa may also help those who suffer from arthritis. I know this was something that was recommended to my mother who suffered from osteoarthritis

There are so many different spas or hot tubs you can choose from online. I found an amazing range at Sundance Spas. I was amazed to read you can even have an iPod docking station.

Do you have any great spa experiences to share?

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