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fundraiser ideas

Yes I am back and ready to roll, body just decided to slow me down a little. Feeling a little jet lagged and body seems to be wanting a rest. Probably not surprising as I haven’t stopped since I decided on this path. I am going to put LOA into action to get the energy level back up and listen to some of the free goodies that I was given my Michael.

A quick update on the state of my BHAG. Sold some more scarves and have had 1 more Chipin from Tray Gamble of Success Chronicle and Nancy Batenburg from 5 Energies.

Glenda and I are writing a synopsis of our adventure and what we plan to do in the future with Team World , the Ning group.

I will be updating the thermometer each week.Next week I will start on the Ebay items and  June 30th an opportunity to still donate $20 plus to get the teleseminar free and a link.