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Welcome To #11 SABs

Super Abundant Bloggers

Super Abundant Blogger.

The people chosen and their blogs will exemplify abundance, abundant thinking and generosity of spirit: they will also inspire me. They make a difference by what they do, and who they be.

Drum roll for this week’s SABS: This week features 3 Super Abundant Bloggers whose common link is the word mind in their site names. They all provide great content that is sure to inspire and empower.


The Illuminated Mind

Jonathon Mead I first stumbled upon reading another of the SAB’s Zen Habits and liked what I was reading. As his tag line says, the less boring side of personal development and his about page gives more Illumination as to why this is a SAB

Once you can see things clearly, as they are, you know what action needs to be taken.

The purpose of Illuminated Mind is to shed light and bring awareness in an unconventional way. True bliss is unique to the individual. It’s not a wholesale prescription that can be distributed en masse. My purpose here is to explore the uncommon side of things that is often overlooked by the typical, mainstream approach.

Illuminated Mind is about finding freedom from what we’ve been conditioned to think will make us happy.



Luciano Passuello writes about ways that we can explore our minds efficiently. He is exploring his passion and his blog provides lots of practical applications and insights.


Mind Map Blog

I love mind maps and use then frequently to clear my mind and will be expanding my use as I get more organised through the Focus Mojo System. Chance Brown has a a passion for technologies that increase productivity, innovation, and creativity.

The Mindmap Blog provides inspired information on ways to use mindmaps and increase productivity.


And here is the official SAB badge for these bloggers to choose to proudly display.


be inspired


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