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Where Has Suzie Been?

Yes slim pickings here over the past week! That is about to change.Tomorrow I will fill you in on how this blog will Jump in July!

Post this week at

  • Successful Blog: My regular Beach notes asks: Are You Staying on Track?  and addresses having a focus and a path mapped out each day, in line with your purpose to harmonize the compartments of your and business.
  • At Thinking Home Business I have reviewed Liz’s e-book: The Secret to Writing a Successful and Outstanding Blog: An insider’s guide to the conversation that’s changing how business works. This book is an outstanding guide for every blogger wanting to build their blog’s prominence.

3 New Things I looked at this week.

1.Several months ago I joined Aaron Abber’s mentoring progam. This week Aaron  launched  and says

  Will Change Your Life”

"We all want to change our lives in one area or another. This is the one place where you will get the tools, plans and encouragement you need to get it done. There is no place else like it."

 I will be checking this out in detail and will report back. You can trial it for $ 4.95, with no strings attached. This will be great if you are setting up a new online business. Aaron has been very successful online and is very generous in his sharing of knowledge.

Stumble Rush2.Caroline Middlebrook is launching this week her first product Stumble Rush will be launched this Thursday 10th July. there will 10 free lessons and an amazing launch price of $ 27 for the 20 lessons. I know I will be buying this. To get details head to Stumble Rush.




21 Days to A profitable blog


3. Barbara Ling has launched this 21 Days to an Incredibly More Profitable Blog. There is a step by step guide. This very comprehensive e-book comes with a concise hyperlinked 2 page reference sheet.

This book will help improve your blog and is full of tips and tools.




New Links I find  on Law of Attraction next week will be posted at my Tumblr Site