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Sunday SurfingThis will become a regular weekly feature. There will be links to posts I have written on other blogs during the week. The other feature will be Law of Attraction links from during the week that I think will be of benefit to you.

I will also be doing this over at Thinking Home Business weekly.

I’ll start with The Achievers article: Creating Change to Achieve Success a series over at a The Thirty Day Year, a fellow Personal Development Partners member. This was a great article for me to write and I used to sepearate instances to illustrate the topic. One you will be familiar with, my BHAG, the other 20 years ago and will give you an insight into my life, that you mightn’t know about.

Beach Notes at Liz Strauss this week titled Catch the Moment. How often do you take the moment and embrace it ot let an opportunity go by? Check Liz’ new book " The Secret to Writing a Successful and Outstanding Blog. I will be reading this and writing a review later in the week.

Barbara Ling who has been a great promoter for me has a great read on Healing Your Childhood Pain. Barbara also has a very provocative title 57 Solutions for Problems with The Secret, and James Edwards’ Take…

Patricia a fellow  PDP member has a good Law of Attraction story on her Attracting The Best blog. Getting a new computer using LOA!

I am looking for people who would like to share their Law of Attraction success stories. If you have a story to share, please contact me