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Gratitude and JoySo much gratitude and feelings of joy this week.

First the big news I am going to be writing on my partner Des Walsh’s blog Thinking Home Business.

This is a Des’s baby so, I feel so honored and for those of you who read Des‘ blogs, you will realize we have quite different writing styles. I am excited even though, Des is maintaining editorial control. so his regular readers will be delighted that the standard will remain high.

Des has written:

“Do you ever notice, when you find the solution to a vexing question, that it comes through helping someone else to solve a problem? Thatโ€™s happened for me just this week.

My question was, how can I best re-focus and get back into posting more regularly on this blog, with the supplementary but still very important question of identifying what I might be able to do to provide more value for readers.”

So in comes Suzie. This solves part of the challenge I wrote about last week. I will share my blogging tools and tips, along with other Home Business goodies on Thinking Home Business.

Now for some link love for the week.Firstly to Lightening on three counts:
Including my post in the Australian Blog carnival this week. I also responded to a question Lightening has asked about Blog Carnival experiences in the comments. I was interested Geura thought the same. Lightening made this carnival stand and not be just another drop in of the instacarnival code that is provided by Blog Carnival. This discussion is being continued here. Please Join in..Lightening has a great post on hosting blog carnivals. It would be great to see more carnivals presented in this way.

It was good to read I was still in Top 100 Aussie bloggers, moving from 76 to 53, time to do The Gratitude Dance that Lightening featured in her Saturday Smiles meme. Link love to Meg for the work she does in keeping the AustralianBlog Index up to date

Thanks to Jen for including my Monday Motivation posts in the All for Women Blogging Carnival. To Cat from All for Women for organising the Carnival and The Top Aussie Womens Bloggers Index. This has just been increased from the Top 50 to the Top 100. great news means there are more great Aussie bloggers moving into the blogoshere.

Thanks to all my new subscribers this week. I am now so encouraged to set some goals for this month. Some of my homework from Six Figure Blogging.

Gratitude to Ed Dale for this wonderful tweet last week. I watched a video where Ed was feeling a little down, so I thought he could do with a little link love. He is looking so cool with the academic style black rim glasses.

Ed, through The Thirty Day challenge has given so much to so many people, how could you not love him

Ed Dale on twitter

If you are deciding to use Flock as I am, Twinbin doesn’t work with Flock,so I will learn to use Twirl. Ed is doing some videos on how to use Twirl effectively. All this is in getting prepared for the next TDC.

Please join me on twitter

Gratitude to Rick for the photo

What do you feel gratitude for today?