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If you have been reading Abundance Thinking Blog Carnival, you will be aware that I have been asking for guest bloggers.

I am traveling to China, Beijing and Shanghai and then in November to Blog World, Connecticut and New York.

I have had several questions about what’s involved.

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What I have learnt I initially gained from reading guest post on other blogs and there are two particularly good blog posts on this topic.

Darren Rouse earlier this year did a series on the various aspects of guest blogging:

This has given me some tips on what I can do as well in future.

Lorelle over at Blog Herald has another series on:

I have read many of the posts the Lorelle refers to in her series.

I particularly like the post from Chris G titled:How to guest post without disaster, likens guest posting to having the keys to the house.

Guest posting here over the next month or so: As most of the people offering contribute to my carnival, a post along the lines of Law of Attraction, Abundance Thinking, tips that are helpful to other on their Journey to Freedom would be great.

I also liked the comment Darren made that sometimes a guest blogger will notice a gap that fits in well to the blog.

Email me your guest posts, you can include a photo of yourself- a good idea and a few lines at the bottom of the post about you.

There is a great example of this today over at one of my favorite blogs. Wendy Piersall’s : The Entrepreneurs Curse- worth reading for all those entrepreneurs, out there.