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Applying The Kiss Principle To Attracting Abundance

This is the mind map I drew yesterday after deciding on abundance as my theme for 2009.

I discovered I had started to work on the basic concepts back in December, when I was working out how to simplify my business so as to make it more manageable.

I sometimes find that I have a great concept or idea that I write out and then forget to refer back to it.

Like reinventing the wheel.

Abundance Mind Map

This is probably the simplest mind map I have ever done, and part of me says it can’t be that simple and that easy.

The mindmap I released last week was very elaborate and like many of my previous mind maps too complex.

You can see one of them here.

If complicated and difficult hasn’t worked so well, why not try simple and easy?

I have been looking for a mantra for the year.

So SIMPLE and EASY it is!

Do you have a mantra to share?