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Do You Love Trees?

A Leafy Green Backyard?

A Haven for Nature?

I DO, Some People Don’t!

This week our paradise has gone from this………

………To THIS!

My friend Carole has a post “Does Your Home Pass the Stress Test? that has spurred me on to finish this post I started on Paradise lost yesterday.

Our home has not passed the stress test this week.

Our once leafy garden home to native birds and water dragons. An absolute joy to look out on from the computer, where I work, was butchered.

The trees we were told were to be trimmed. As you can see from this picture, trimmed became totally desecration. Yes I am wondering what we did to attract this?

No we don’t own the place, although the owners were astounded when I sent them the pictures.

They thought the trees were being pruned by a real tree doctor not a chain saw gang! Communication breakdown here. Also a real tree doctor would have mulched the cuttings and recycled the timber. Not so, straight into a truck and no doubt into landfill.

The years it took for this backyard to become a haven, were gone within minutes. Someone commented , yes it was stark and the trees would grow. The way they were cut they will only put out shoots, not branches.

It has taken me 2 days to get over the shock of losing the main aspect of what we loved about our environment. As you can imagine it hasn’t done a lot for neighborly relations either.

It has made me realise how important it is to me to I feel right about where I live. At the weekend we had done a clarity through contrast exercise about what we want in a home. Privacy and security were on the list, they have now gone!

One thing we do now is that we like trees, birds and the feeling of being close to nature. it is so good for the soul.

Well it was not so good for keeping my high vibes.

Maybe we have attracted a move sooner than we had planned?