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To Brag

Were you told it was wrong to brag or boast about your wins as a child? I know I was.

Any of these sound familiar?

You will get a swollen head!

Too big for your boots!

Who do you think you are?

Big noting yourself?

Strange it was always okay for Mum to brag about my achievements, and don’t grandparents love bragging about their grandchildren’s achievements?

Yesterday I had an experience that me question, probably not for the first time whether all those warning were actually as helpful as they were meant to be.

The occasion was that I went on the first of what looks like becoming a weekly call with 5 of Michael Losier’s Law of Attraction Facilitators.

Gizelle Rivers who works with Michael and had put together the first Law of Attraction Certified Facilitators Training and when we were all in Vancouver she said she was going to organize monthly calls to celebrate our wins. I received an email decided to host a 60 minute call this week so:

YOU can brag and WE can celebrate along with you!
Want to send your vibe through the roof.
Want to be IN the energy of success.
Yes! Brag! You are doing it!
You are manifesting your ideal career as a certified facilitator.
We all want to VIBE HIGH with you.
So put on your crown…
Pour the champagne…
Get out the chocolates…
And start sharing…

What a wonderful hour we spent, hearing great Law of Attraction stories, how businesses are growing. Through our thoughts and our words we are all not only inspiring and uplifting one another, there are many other people whose lives are beginning to attracting more of what they do want into their lives.

There were a wonderful quote that came from the session:

“When you get clear it is here!” Betty Jones

Reinforcing for me that it so important to have clarity, and it is the contrast often of what we don’t want that provides clarity.

So is it okay to brag?

I would love to hear what you think?

Do you “brag” about your wins?

Maybe we could even have a Skype brag session weekly or even #brag at twitter.

Thanks for reading and attract abundance today.

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