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On Monday I said I have a big goal I want to achieve quickly, based totally around LOA and that I would expand on this on a post on Wednesday. That was optimistic but here we are.

There are a few items I still have to put in place, but this morning my friend Nancy emailed me and said:

All is normal on your blog… I was waiting for sparks to fly out of my computer screen, or fireworks, or SOMETHING… I am presuming that something important is happening as I am writing this, so will check back at the blog later on today to see what is taking place.
Anyways, will keep checking to see when something spectacular happens!!

So here goes! (Takes a Deep Breath)

My Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) is to be in Vancouver, BC, Canada for Michael Losier’s Law of Attraction Certified Facilitators Program from June 5th – 8th, and not forgetting Wednesday Night International Meet and Greet, on 4th June. That’s 34 days from today!


A Big Dream

Seriously this is no small step. For a start Vancouver BC is 7,757miles (12,484kms) from here and a 14 hour nonstop flight. That’s not including the one and a half hour flight from here to Sydney.

I worked out with airfares, accommodation, course fees and incidentals there was no change out of $8,000. And at the moment I do not have $8,000 tucked away in an old sock.

So how is this going to happen

I have identified 3 steps:

1. Dream Big
2. Take Action
3. Stay Focused

1. Dream Big How did Michael know when he signed my book back in March that I needed to Dream Big? Okay so I have this step done.

Dream Big

2. Take Action: The Attraction Plan

  • Set up LOA site – I have almost completed this, where you will read about my journey, the tools I am using to stay in high vibes and more. It will be the blow by blow account.
  • Add a blog to my art site. This will be special, I am selling original works I had put aside as an archive of my work and which my textile art friends say I should keep :).
  • Sell some of our hoard of domain names that are gathering dust.
  • Ebay here we come – time to clear the unused items, some almost new. There will be a daily listing so you get first nod.
  • Ask for help – this is not something I can do alone.
  • Get advertising happening on my blogs.
  • Taking a leaf from other bloggers like Leo Babauta, John Chow, Alex Blackwell and others, I am going to ask for donations (interesting, the only examples I noticed are males). That is a stretch for me! In return I commit to continuing to inspire and add value.
  • Use Twitter, ask my blogging friends and my offline friends to tell the world – who knows what may come?
  • Sell Value Affiliate Programs that will help people in developing LOA skills.
  • Following on from becoming a Fan of Brian Campbell’s from Internet Marketing University who has set a goal of raising $10,000 in 37 days, I am thinking maybe a Facebook group could be part of the plan? What do you think?

3. Stay Focused: To this end I have an accountability buddy and I will be writing more on this process over the next few weeks. Keeping my eye tightly focused on the goal and not being distracted by Twitter, emails, forums, etc.

One way I would love all my readers, blogger friends to help get the ball rolling would be to give this post a Digg, a Stumble, a boost (see icons below).

All suggestions for how I can meet my goal welcome!