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I heard this saying quoted this morning on Sunrise by Mark Baretta, the sports commentator, who made his debut last night on the new Dancing With The Stars series.

The quote Take your passion and make it happen”, is from the song “What a feeling”, sung Irena Cara in the movie Flashdance.

This quote inspired me, the song got me up and dancing, spurred me to use this for this weeks Motivational Saying.

Listen to the song and leave a comment about whether this motivated you to move, dance, etc.

This then inspired me to take The Passion Test , a book I bought last year off the shelf. This was written by Janet and Chris Attwood from HealthyWealthynWise. You can get a free bookThis book is a great hands on, simple way to get clear about what lights up your life. So if you are not sure what your passion is take the Passion Test.

The Passion Test Assessment