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Good things will continue to happen to me.
I am a winner
I love living in happiness and excitement and
that is what I am going to experience every day.
I have confidence in myself and others will too
I know I am a good person.
Nobody can tell me otherwise

Photo by Suzie Cheel

I will be open to all new opportunities
I will accomplish my dream and take the necessary steps to do so
I am proud of who I am.
I genuinely like myself
I will help someone today
I will help myself today
Today will be terrific

I started the year by doing some clearing and sorting of the boxes of books and papers filed in our garage. In one of my journals I found this poem. It has no attribution and although I have pages of poems and sayings I have written, I haven’t been able to find where I have got it from.

If anyone recognizes this saying and knows who said it first, please leave a comment.

Who knows it may even have been me!