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worn or


Happiness is

the spiritual


of living

every minute






Denis Waitley

Photo by Me Lade Gypsie

Today’s quote was inspired by the question Des asked me this morning; " Are you still feeling happy"?

I was feeling happy this morning. You might be wondering why Des has used the word "still". I spent a wonderful weekend as a trainer at The Journey Intensive.

This was a beautiful transformational weekend for the 60 delegates who attended, as well as the trainers who assisted. There are always some amazing stories and life changing experiences that occur at these weekends.

It was great to see about 20 men attending. I first experienced The Journey intensive back on 2000 and there was one male in a group of 40 women. I felt so much gratitude in sharing this weekend presented by Bill MacLeod who was assisted on video by Brandon Bays.

This was a new experience for me, as on all previous occasions Brandon had been personally presenting the weekend. I found, somewhat to my surprise, that this new way of experiencing the Journey Intensive had it’s own magic.

Then on Monday I was very privileged to be able to attend yesterday the Advanced Skills Workshop as a delegate, rather than as a trainer. I had completed this course 6 years ago with Brandon Bays. This was a wonderful freeing day for me, using the Advanced tools and the Emotional Journey, which is the foundation of the Journey process.

I experienced a major shift. I was able to let go of emotional baggage from old financial setbacks, that has been holding me back for several years. I also able to let go of some limiting beliefs. As well, I made, in a spirit of freedom some new commitments to carry me forward with my life.

As well as feeling happy I also felt and experienced so much abundance. I am writing daily in my abundance log and each day gets easier . This has been a big step on my Journey to Freedom. I will be sharing more of this journey with you over this year


Brandon says:" When we take a step towards Grace, Grace takes a thousand steps towards us."


I can’t quiet believe before I went that I was wondering about attending Monday Workshop. I was thinking I couldn’t afford to take the time out………!

Thank you for reading this and wishing you all a delicious week of abundance and happiness. Suzie