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21 Days Creates A New Habit!

Yesterday I completed Motivational Mamas 21 Days of  Motivation Virtual Workshop and it has been a fantastic workshop for me to get back on track for 2009.

“Creativity + discipline is the method to the madness we call life. When we master these we can access our motivation virtually at a moments notice”– Denise J Hart

Yes I did develop my motivation mojo and had fun over the 21 days. My main goal was to write a post each day and over the 21 days I wrote 23 posts here and 5 guest posts.

What else did I gain? What did I learn about myself?

  • I now have an editorial calendar to plan and record my blogging activity. Setting up an editorial calendar was suggested by  Denise aka Motivational Mama as a way to write daily. Last week  Copyblogger referred to Your Blog Editorial Calendar in his article on Speedblogging how to write better posts in less time– a great read to get both ideas and be motivated if you have writers block or are stuck on the direction you have for your blog.

I bought a calendar on sale at the post office with the theme of The Path- finding your way on life’s journey. So appropriate I thought. This image is the one for February and a saying relate closely to where I am heading

” The great thing in the world is not so much where we are, but what in direction we are moving”  – Oliver Wendell Holmes

  • I established the weekly SAB: Super Abundant Blogger award and The Abundance Cafe
  • I have started a law of attraction inspiration series: Tools for becoming a Deliberate Attractor
  • Rewarded myself by tipping- great practice I plan to continue
  • Reestablished my clutter clearing of 1 shelf, drawer etc a day to continue in February
  • Been accountable each day on the forum- big win for MEimage doing what I say I will do
  • I have a new accountability buddy who also completed this workshop. Being accountable was very important for me and each day I completed my goal, the exercises that were emailed each day.  Even though I had a lot of other things going on I made being accountable a priority. I know I feel stronger for doing this.
  • Realization of why and how I set myself up to fail and get into overwhelm, daily reflection was insightful.
  • The bi-weekly coaching calls and 3 great guest coaches were both supportive and inspirational. I also like that I have copies of these to re-listen to and a bonus one Denise gave as a reward on Sunday.
  • Now did I mention there were prizes as well? Yes I did attract a prize and have won a wonderful Affirmagy wrap. Denise tells me mine says STRENGTH and I had a peek on the site and see it has some great sayings on it like ” I am unstoppable” so I will be looking forward to receiving this.

  • Finally I like that I have an action book I can reprint and give myself another 21 days of motivation to develop another good habit and meet another on of my desires. This also ties in well with The Possibility Conversation.

So if you need a to develop your motivational mojo, give yourself a present and check out 21 Days of Motivation virtual retreat . It’s happening again in March.

What do you to build your motivational mojo?


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