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Just being, allow your self to focus on the rock in the picture for just a a few moments. That might be all it takes to calm the mind.

For me going to the beach and just focusing on a rock, the water or just the horizon brings my mind to stillness.

It allows me, as Eckhart discussed last week on the second class on a  New Earth Telecast.

To be in the world not of the world”

The simple tool Eckhart used to bring ourselves into the present moment is to just go to our breath, taking our attention away from the thinking mind.

Now we bring our awareness just to our  breath. So stop for just 10 seconds and just focus on the breath- this gives our minds a break.

The words below are snippets from both Oprah and Eckhart that caught my attention as I watched and listened last week, to Chapter 2: Ego: The current state of humanity.

When you lose stuff, then you can become free of the ego.
Manifestation is to come to acceptance of what is now.
Gratitude is also important
Find  the place of acceptance,
Who we think we are it is no more than a bundle of thoughts-


“Allowing yourself to be fed from within- it is about being aware being in touch with the body.”

Just Being

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