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It’s All About Love:


Sending You Love

Love is abundant.
It’s everywhere and waiting for you to notice.
Here is a little reminder to look around you.

See the trees?  They are waving to you.
See the flowers coming up?  They came to show you beauty.
See the sun or light in the sky?  It shines to comfort you.
Feel your heart beating? It’s the sound of unconditional strength.
Feel your breath as you take it in?  It wants to inspire you.

Love is coming to you.
Love is shining for you.
Love surrounds you.
Love is within you.

You are Love.
So, go ahead… Breathe it in……
And if you have the chance, go out and share a little of your love
with others. – Rain

Today’s inspiration comes from a friend Rain Fordyce.


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