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Do You Always Take The Same Path?

Sometimes in life we need to take a risk to reach our dreams.

We often have the choice of 2 paths, often one is safe and known,  the other requires we take a risk. That might be a small risk usually something that has you stepping out of your comfort zone.

I am sharing this as today is a crossroad for me with my entry into The Next Top Spiritual Author Contest

I can sit back as I can sit back and hope or I can set up a campaign and be on the list as I have visualized myself.

Tomorrow I will share my vision board.

I really do need to put the Law of Attraction in to action and ask for support and help. Something I have been hesitant to do. But as you and I know we do have to take action to achieve our dreams.

Do you have a story of where taken the other path and come out a winner?

I would love your vote  Next Top Spiritual Author

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