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Making a difference has been a passion for me in all that I do, whether it be through my art or blogging and personal growth.

This week I has two instances of other people who want to make a difference.

Firstly, Cam who has set up The World Peace Clock

If every person in the world made and lived by the following promise, war would not exist.
In parallel with making poverty history, turn back the doomsday clock to make world peace for the future

I promise I will never murder anyone,
I will never take more than I need from anyone and
I will learn to love and respect people who are different to me

These are the words you have to promise to live by to sign The World Peace Clock

Cam has a bigger vision that you read about when you visit The World Peace Clock

Secondly I was invited to join Zaadz,


A new community: Zaadz, Let’s Change The World.

You can join here and network with like minded people. It’s free, but not a free-for-all. Zaadz have to decide your values are in alignments with the group’s. This can take a few days. So at least you know that you are not in with a bunch of spammers.

I was accepted and now I have like minded wanting to connect with me.

I find this kind of social networking very encouraging.