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I have just finished reading Yaro Starak’s Blog Profits Blueprint, and watching the video “How I Make Money Blogging”which is a great practical guide for monetizing your blog. I have a full page of ideas from just the video, which anyone could implement quickly.What I loved was how he broke down where his money was coming from.The blueprint also outlines very clearly a lot of options for monetization of your blog. One of the points that Yaro stresses is the importance of creating a content rich site, create your own ideas instead of consuming other people’s ideas. Work out your vision for your blog, make a yo plan, I am mindmapping the action steps I need to take to move forward and then TAKE ACTION. I can see that by having a clear focus, using just some of the techniques outlined in such great detail by Yaro, my blog will start to generate cash flow.

I like the emphasis that Yaro puts on creating passive income or as I like to say “Make money while I sleep”.

I was interested to read that that Yaro does not use adsense as one of his money making ideas, he found it didn’t work for his site. Interesting as his site is so content rich. He does suggest you try it as it is one of the easiest tools to implement, also you set it up and then let it make money while you focus on blog content.

This is a fantastic resource, thankyou Yaro, you are making difference and showing a way bloggers can develop content rich sites, sharing with others and moving towards Financial Freedom. Now off to create the plan and implement some of the techniques.

As Darren Rouse says:

“Yaro’s offering this free blueprint as part of his ‘Blog Mastermind’ Mentoring program which he’s launching next week. I’ve already seen a little of what he’s got planned for that program and it really looks good – I wish there was something like this around when I first started out in making money from blogs.

Whether you’re interested in the Mentoring program or not I do recommend the free report. Get yourself a copy here.”

Click here to get The Blog Profits Blueprint