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This guest post was written by Liara Covert-from Dreambuilders, who I read has been having a wonderful weekend with Doreen Virtue on the Gold Coast at the Angel Intuitive Conference, somewhere I would have been if I wasn’t heading out today ( tomorrow in USA) to Blog world in Las Vegas.

Liara has written a thought provoking article on abundance and calls the reader to action. Enjoy.


What does abundance mean to you? Perhaps it means having more than enough of what you sense is important. This may be an unlimited flow of creative ideas or revelations which enable you to build a thriving business.

Abundance may take form of uplifting emotions that are truly liberating, that free you from a mindset or attitude that prevents you from developing a sense of progress. You may associate abundance with wise mentors and other meaningful relationships.

What about a free flow of energy to strengthen your will power, rejuvenate your desire to be the best person you can become?

If you ask people what they would like more of, a very popular response is “time.” Would you say you have abundant time? Think about that. What would you do with more? To have abundant time and discipline enables you to create healthier habits or focus on requesting and creating the life you dream about.

People say they would like more happiness, more peace and infinite joy. Positive feelings are always accessible in abundance within you. It’s simply a choice to discern and experience them. Positive thinking leads to learning to recognize different kinds of abundance. You sense qualities like self-confidence that empower to make a difference.

To send out positive vibes, love and forgiveness into the Universe, is to share feelings that nothing in the material world can really buy.

Abundance symbolizes being showered in love, attention, opportunities and appreciation from all around you.

The question is, do you sense how everything is already available to you or is your perception more limited? If you answer the latter, its time to de-condition and to remind yourself of new possibilities.

Each day presents its own surprises and circumstances which won’t always go your way. Abundance reminds you that no matter what happens, no matter what you influence to happen, you will always have more than enough of whatever you need to adjust and adapt and make the best of it. You will always experience precisely what you choose to find. This begins as a state of mind and reverberates in all people, conditions and experiences that you unconsciously attract your way.

So, imagine those things that will evoke desirable emotional states. Visualize them in abundance and watch them unfold in your life. You’ll energize and rise up to explore new levels of joy and fulfillment.

Dr. Liara Covert, is a Dream Analyst, Columnist, Dreambuilding Coach & Motivational Speaker. Her expert advice about thoughts and emotions empowers you to rediscover who you are to create the success you want. Experiences in over 50 countries give her insight into leadership, motivation, psychoanalysis, intuition and belief systems. She encourages everyone to realize positive change comes from within.