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Here is a paradox: To succeed in attracting what we want in the year ahead we have to let it go.

Intention Circle

The special Intention Healing Circle Carole prepared for the releasing ceremony

Last night I was able to share a special intention ceremony organized by Carole Fogarty from The Rejuvenation Lounge. Carole created a sacred space where  10 women  “let go” of “stuff” that may have been weighing us down and blocking the flow in our lives.

Carole had suggested we write  a list of habits, clutter, attitudes, memories, people or situations which we would like to release, with love, from our lives. Some of us came with lists on paper, some with our thoughts and memories.

Everyone was invited individually to release while we sat in a circle and created support through chanting OM. We then had  a break before we repeated the process but this time with focus on releasing our intentions for 2009.

I had taken along the mind map I had made last week to refer to, this held my main theme for the year of FOCUS and how this related to my business, finances, health, community, relationships and the fun factor.

I then pulled the page out of my journal and folded it thinking I would retrieve it at the end. Carole then said these were normally burnt , not possible where we were, so she would take them home and place them on her altar. She would release them when she was guided to. My initial reaction was one of surprise, I hadn’t expected that! However I placed my paper into the circle. But in the back of my mind I was thinking I could still retrieve it from the copy I had scanned into the computer.

Reflecting on this today I realized there is a challenge in the concept of letting go of our intentions, what we really, really want. Why wouldn’t we hang onto them, hold them tight? That’s a paradox. I think it is because that stops us being in the moment.

Funny thing is while writing this post I went to find the scanned image of the mindmap to share with you and it is not there!

So having handed my intentions over to the universe, I will practice being in the moment.

Thanks for reading my post,