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Help Feed 100 People For Christmas

Today  my friend the Left Thumb Blogger, @Glenda WH is the Guest Writer and she has a a fantastic cause which I think we in this wonderful community can support. For the cost of a cup of coffee we can help Glenda achieve her dream. Glenda back in 2008 had a crazy idea and we set up a tweetathon.

So let’s all get behind her and feed 100 people. Here is Glenda’s story:

When we were young, money was always tight and, at times, the kitchen cupboards were a little less than full. Yet, come Christmas time, the four of us always took something to school to donate to the food hamper for people less fortunate. Typically, Mom gave us each a can of soup and a box of jello because “that was a meal for a family”.

I hadn’t realized how much a part of Christmas this gesture had become to me until I left home and missed giving to the food hamper for a few years for a variety of reasons. Those years something was missing; it didn’t quite feel like Christmas.

Last year I decided to do something a little bit different as a way to give to individuals in need by using what I had: my writing. I compiled my favourite blog posts into an ebook to sell on my blog. For each ebook sold, one Christmas dinner was purchased for an individual in need, in support of the Union Gospel Mission.

On my way to bed late one night, after creating the ebook, a voice said to me, “Feed 100 people.” 100 people? I am only one person. How can I feed 100 people?

Thanks to my blog readers, friends and fans, we did feed 100 people in desperate need Christmas dinner! That was such an amazing, humbling and overwhelming experience – definitely a highlight of my year!

I am doing the same this year.
of…The Left Thumb Blogger: Volume II is a collection of favourite posts selected by Do It By Myself Blog readers. (One selection chosen by Suzie Cheel.) Together, let’s share our abundance with individuals in desperate need.

Thank you.

Glenda The Left Thumb Blogger



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