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Where are you heading?  What do you really want in all aspects of your life?

These were two of many questions that were asked at the start of the workshop.

I have been aware of the importance of Abraham and Esther and Gerry Hicks as long as I have been interested in the Law of Attraction. My mentor Michael Losier states in his book Law of Attraction: The Science of Getting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don’t that it was through the Hicks’ teachings that he really “got it”, that is, what the Law of Attraction was really about. I felt that was an opportunity not to be missed.

So many gems that I have to share with you. The video that follows gives you a picture of how this workshop is introduced and maybe if they are visiting your city you will be inspired to attend.

We were asked to think about what we wanted from the day, what would be different.  What clarity you would want from where you were now, explore the contrast, look at your leading edge, where are you heading, what do you really want in all aspects of your life?

Remember: “It is the way you feel that is the you you are becoming! It is about your relationship with who you truly are. You need to stop worrying about the awareness outside of you. You need to be in what Abraham called the vortex, this for me is having positive vibrations” This is the art of allowing.

This video is just how Sunday started, with 1000 people of all ages and from all walks of life spending the day listening and learning about The Law of Attraction with a special emphasis on the Art of Allowing.

This was the Hicks’ first workshop in Australia and I would say for the organizers, publisher Hay House, a great success.

Gerry was very humorous and stated at the beginning of the day that they were here for the fun. And yes it was a fun day. Gerry was also a great promoter of their broad range of books, CDs, DVDs, and Cards.

The other messages that came through throughout the day were:

We are here for the purpose of co-creation

Life causes you to continue to expand

It is about your relationship with who you truly are

Stop worrying about outside awareness of you

Stop doing what is holding you back

Put your brain on pause

Stop holding yourself outside the vortex of reality

Finding the feeling place

Be tuned in, turned on, tapped into your power

Line up to be utterly irrisistable

Stop taking score

Find feelings of appreciation to get into the vortex

Nothing comes that is not vibrationally invited

You create your own reality

A belief is a thought that you just keep thinking

I am source energy, I am going to figure out what is good for me

Source will wrap itself around who you truly are

Stop holding yourself apart

What scenario have you put into your vibrational escrow?

You are not eponsible for MY happiness

I will not stand for sickness

Medicine is surgery in chains

Make peace with who you are

Fear is the emotion you feel when the thoughts you are thinking are not you

Just decide, don’t waver

Stop beating the drum

Contrast causes us to ask

The more you ask the more you become

I don’t give a rip about what you think

You can’t find out everything you want to know

Selfishly align with who you are

You are source energy. You are a vibrational being!

These are some of the many pearls of wisdom I got from the day and provide lots of blog topics as well as for reflection.

What resonates for you? These 3 stand out for me today

I don’t give a rip about what you think

Be tuned in, turned on, tapped into your power

Stop doing what is holding you back