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My 45 Day Boundless Living Challenge Update

We are now at day 35, just 10 days to meet my goal for the challenge!

Will I make it? Yes I will. The Radio/ talk show has a mission:

Law of Attraction in Action Talk Show: Suzie Cheel aka the Abundance Queen, developed a simple 3 step process that has helped thousands of people from all walks of life. Suzie interviews LOA teachers, trainers and everyday people whose stories of success cannot help but inspire! Listeners will gain insights and practical “how to” tips and  tools to apply the LOA in their lives every day.

I have been a little distracted, completing the KTR course and getting ready to relaunch my book emergings as a in CD and ebook format and soon to be on Amazon too.

Today I am going to share the video I made after my interview with Raven Blair Davis on Careers from the Kitchen Table, this was about 14 days into the challenge.

Here is the link to listen to the interview:I did feel like a star.

Show #39: John Assaraf and Suzie Cheel

The talk show will launch next week, I have been conducting a survey to find out what people wanted to listen to, whi they wanted to hear, how often and I forgot to ask what day and what time?

Please take the survey and you could win one of 2 30 seconds ads for your blog or product and your logo at Law of Attraction in Drawing will take place this Thursday

I will be back with an update later this week, watch my Tweets and Facebook updates for the latest happenings.

Be Abundant


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