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Law of Attraction Carnival

Carnival looks to attract  new hosts!

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This month I had a great selection to choose from, there were 25 entries. This will be my last hosting of this carnival and I have chosen a couple that maybe you will find a little off centre. This month 6 stood out for me…. They are listed in Alphabetical order of the first name of the entry. Enjoy!

Welcome to June 3rd 2010 edition of Law of Attraction Carnival

The Best of the Best

Law of Attraction Best of the BestDaylle Deanna Schwartz presents Law of Attraction in Action: Plan for Success! posted at Lessons from a Recovering DoorMat, saying, “Most people plan for potential failure when they begin an endeavor, which sets an intention for failure. Instead, plan for success!”
Law of Attraction Best of the BestFrancesco Settesoldi presents Wouldn’t it Be Nice if?? posted at BreatheWithFrancesco, saying, “A powerful tool from Abraham-Hicks book “Ask and it is given”.”

Law of Attraction Best of the BestKara Thompson presents The Path of Least Resistance posted at Conduit of Joy!, saying, “If you have become separated from Source, taking one simple step will bring you back to your place of allowing the law of attraction to reach you!”
Law of Attraction Best of the BestManon Leroux presents 3 Steps to Attracting Your Perfect Follower? posted at The Passive Income Queen.
Law of Attraction Best of the BestVera Nadine presents Goal Mapping for Focusing Intent posted at Awaken to Light, saying, “Everyone is all abuzz about the law of attraction…for some the concept is perfect, all on its own. Easy. For others the concept is just a little too big, or too basic, depending upon how you look at it. And then for others the concept is just too small, too narrow of an outlook. How you look at it is not important. And, to be perfectly honest, the term itself, “Law of Attraction” can be enough to put some people off of even looking into it. Sounds too pretentious, sounds too exclusive. So for my purposes here I’ll call this the Power of Positive Intent… is a tool for making that intent more solid and manageable.”

Law of Attraction Best of the BestWP Ho presents Mental Booby Traps that Keep You Stuck, Stressed and Anxious posted at The Conscious Life, saying, “Don’t let these thinking patterns hold you down and kill your life slowly.”


I would like to say a big thank you to all the wonderful bloggers and blog I have met over the last year, you have enriched my life.

That concludes this edition. I offer a Big Thank You to all who submitted articles! Ellie and I truly do appreciate you all!

To our Readers – Please leave comments here and at the author’s websites and let them know that you, too, appreciate them! 😉

The 64th Law of Attraction Carnival will be posted by Ellie Walsh at Living The Law of Attraction– it is scheduled for Thursday, June 3rd, 2010 – submission deadline is Tuesday June 1st, 2010. If you want your article to be included in The Best of the Best Law of Attraction Carnival – Please read the guidelines before you submit your article… and submit your post at the Blog Carnival page.

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