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Law of Attraction Carnival Time!

We had a carnival in town over summer so I was able to get a whole new range of images and even some movies for the LOA carnival.

Now that’s what I would love to see in the next few months some video posts, maybe even some mind movies.

Maybe that’s what we will do for the April carnival, a call for LOA video entries and we may even drum up some prizes.

Now for the best of the best for January 7th 2010 edition of Law of Attraction Carnival.

There are a couple that might challenge you, one does ask that you read to the end 🙂
Law of Attraction Best of the Best Kristin Conroy presents It’s Affirmative…Affirmations Are Powerful! posted at Words Are Food, saying, “I use affirmations as part of practicing The Law of Attraction”

Law of Attraction Best of the BestJackie Powell presents Honest Fear posted at eskyoo, saying, “Overcoming the Fear of being honest with yourself and others”

Law of Attraction Best of the Best Daylle Deanna Schwartz presents Law of Attraction in Action: Acceptance posted at Lessons from a Recovering DoorMat, saying, “When you accept your circumstances as they unfold as having a good reason and looking for the reason later, good will be attracted from what might seem like a bad situation.”

Law of Attraction Best of the BestJL4 Media presents A Great Lesson Learned, but its a Secret! posted at Live Life to the Fullest, saying, “Before you read it, I just have one favor to ask, that’s not reacting without reading it first. You may listen to what it says or not, but just read it. From there, you may reflect if you want to completely forget about it or might as well try it.”

Law of Attraction Best of the Best Kathleen Gage presents One of the most effective ways to energetically attract money posted at Daily Awareness, saying, “You must expect nothing in return. Not from where you give your money nor from any other source. Simply give because you want to give.”
Law of Attraction Best of the Best Outshined presents Do We Really Exist? posted at, saying, “Don’t be fooled by the title; this article is all about how our existence is shaped through use of the law of attraction. Our live can be as rich and abundant or as poor and minimalistic as we want; the power is all in how you shape it.”

That concludes this edition. I offer a Big Thank You to all who submitted articles! I do appreciate you all! 🙂

To our Readers – Please leave comments here and at the author’s websites and let them know that you, too, appreciate them! ;) We would love you to tweet this too.

The next Law of Attraction Carnival will be posted by Ellie Walsh at Living The Law of Attraction – it is scheduled for Thursday, March 4th, 2010 – submission deadline is Tuesday March 2nd, 2010.

If you want your article to be included in The Best of the Best Law of Attraction Carnival – Please read the guidelines before you submit your article… and submit your post at the Blog Carnival page.



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