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It’s Law of Attraction Carnival Time!

Another month of great entries! I found some humor too. These are 6 articles that inspired me, I trust they will inspire you too. They are listed in Alphabetical order of the first name of the blogger. What is your favorite?

Now… On with the Show……

August 6th 2009 edition of Law of Attraction Carnival

The Best of the Best

posted at Daily Awareness, saying, “With over three decades of studying how the law of energy works, I now know that most limitations are simply a matter of our thinking.”
This is a great real life story that Kathleen shares with us.

New age mama presents The Wand That Didn’t Work
posted at The Conscious Parent, saying, “This is about my ambivalence about teaching my child about the law of attraction.”
This is a wonderful real life story that will bring a smile to your face.

Paula Kawal presents Valuing Your Intuition posted at Journey Inward Productions. saying, “Have you ever found yourself in the completely unexpected situation of realizing that being aware of our intuition and being compelled to act upon it can be two different things? Awareness for some is enough to change behavior but for others something more is needed…as many people are aware of their intuitive responses and are still unable to follow them.”

Ross – Tolemac presents Law of Attraction – Methods and Techniques: Part 2 posted at Tolemac’s Metaphysical Blog, saying, “More tips and techniques to improve the way you use the Law of Attraction.”

I like the quote Ross has used: “You really only have two choices. To feel worse or to feel better.” – Abraham. Feeling good is so important in allowing the Law of Attraction into action in your life.  Ross in saying Letting go and go with the flow calls us to action with a visualization exercise.

Susan McCabe presents Unconditional Joy posted at Joy of Living, saying, “Unconditional Joy is the key to allowing.”

Vibrationally speaking, the concept of “Unconditional Joy” is one in the same as “Unconditional Love.”  It is the highest vibrational frequency, the divine domain of miracles.  Unconditional Joy says that one can choose to be joyous no matter the circumstances.  Pollyanna is it may sound, looking at life through “rose colored glasses” is not only a beautiful way to live, but a way of focusing one’s attractive energy toward all things wanted.  When you get to this place folks, and you can stay there most of the time, you are in a position to truly have it  all.  As Wayne Dyer says, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

The Pet Chatter presents Law of Attraction, Bojangles, and a burned out headlight posted at Pet Chatter, saying, “That amazing law of attraction takes care of even the small details.”

This is a wonderful real life story and t0 tempt you to read it here is a picture to tempt you

I offer a Big Thank You to all who submitted articles! I truly appreciate you all! :D

To our Readers – Please leave comments here and at the author’s websites and let them know that you too appreciate them! ;)

The next Law of Attraction Carnival will be posted by Ellie Walsh at Living The Law of Attraction– it is scheduled for Thursday, September 3rd, 2009 – submission deadline is Tuesday September 1st, 2009.

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