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What a wonderful message to start the day with.

The message on the back is great too.

“I want financial prosperity!
There are so many wonderful
things that are available
in this wonderful world;
and financial prosperity opens
the doors to so many of those things.
Since the Law of Attraction responds to my thoughts,
I have decided to focus predominantly on the abundance
that is possible, understanding that it is only time
before my thoughts of prosperity will be matched
by the flow of financial prosperity
Since the Law of Attraction
will bring me the object of my attention
I choose abundance.”-Abraham

So do you choose Abundance each day?

I know there have been times this week when I have chosen less than abundant thoughts.:(

We have had many outages and now taking time to make sure we move to a great new ISPĀ  with helpful customer service. My excuse for a few missing posts this week.

Gratitude to Carlota and her comment for reminding me about the LOA cards, a series I started last year on a very neglected blog of mine” Zen Law of Attraction”. This is a blog I am going to repurpose the material from to

I have added a table below where you will be able to click through to other cards from this series and I will gradually add the angels cards to their own table as too.

Attraction Cards

The Law of Attraction Cards

Law of Attraction Card Pages

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