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Wondering why there has been a shortage of blog posts in the past week?

I am wondering what I have done to attract a not so harmonious situation.

Do you remember dial up?

Maybe you  are still on dial up?

Last week our ISP shaped our account to 64 bps and okay I thought, that’s okay we’ll but a data block andpay to have it unshaped. After an hour or so hanging on the phone and we were told that was not a possibility as they were upgrading the service and nothing could happen this week. I then found an email saying this was not even available although this service is advertised on the website!

We decided it was time to change our ISP and today is the day it is happening: ” You’ll be off air for 2-3 hours.”  6 hours later.:) Looks like a trip to MacDonalds Free Wifi to upload this tonight before I head for a tweetup with @angesbiz and @carolefogarty.

Time to create some harmony and get those positive thoughts and vibes back into my vibrational bubble so that green internet light does flash real soon NOW!

This has also been a time where I realize having a backup of posts written would have been ideal!