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Last week I asked in my post on visualization and how I might connect with Jack Canfield. Yesterday I received an email from Jack requesting a RSVP for a tele-class he is doing tomorrow.

I have submitted and question and related the request I put out last week.

Now the tele-class is on at 3 am here in Australia, and as I want to be on the call, it looks like an early rise.

You can join the teleclass at and Jack’s introduction to this call:

Our monthly tele-class has quickly evolved into one the nation’s largest ‘study groups’ with thousands of people calling into a discussion on The Success Principles and the Law of Attraction.

It starts with an on-line world-wide survey where you have the opportunity to ask me your SINGLE most important question about The Success Principles or Law of Attraction.

That’s because I want the content for this ‘study group’ to come from the minds of the listeners, not me.

Hopefully, it’s one I’ll pick for Wednesday’s class.

So, if you could ask me ANY question about The Success Principles or Law of Attraction, what would your question be? Ask Me Your Question and Get Access to the Live Tele-Class:

I was not even aware of this study group. I did venture to his website last week and signed up for his eletter and have just downloaded his audio Break Through To Success. He says this literally can change your life. Remember though you have to be the person who takes the action.

I have many of his books on my bookshelf, including the first Chicken Soup for the Soul. I love his passion to want to help people be the best he can be. The tag line in the top of his website

“Taking you From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be.” with an eagle flying

The book I would like him to write a forward for is about The Emotions of Change: Self esteem. I feel this is very timely.