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Law of Attraction in Action is at work today. I have been planning to write the article on Allowing the third step in Michael Losiers’s simple 3 step Deliberate Attraction process.Just to remind you of the 3 step formula:

I have started several times over the past week to write this article, but never got past the first paragraph. Today when I woke up with that fire in the belly feeling and I thought I have finally got what this allowing is about, now I can write about it.

Then the universe moved towards my intention. I opened my email and there was Michael’s monthly newsletter in the inbox. Surprise, surprise, what had Michael made an audio on? You got it! Allowing.

So what is allowing I hear you ask?

Why I am waking up with that fire in the belly feeling?

Allowing is the absence of doubt. Doubt is a negative vibration

I have let go of the doubt.Michael says: “How fast you attract anything into your life is dependent on hBarometerow much you are allowing. Allowing is the receiving barometer”

So what did I do to begin to remove the doubt? Here are the first two steps I used over the past week.

Step 1

I have been keeping an Abundance log, where each night I record at least 5 things that make me feel abundant and that I have attracted. This is your evidence of proof record. Michael would say: “Look I attracted that to me.”

Step 2

I have been celebrating what I have attracted into my life. Writing about it here on the blog, telling friends, doing the gratitude dance, singing and just opening to and thanking the universe. All of this raises my vibrations.

Michael talks about bragging. If you are like me I was told not to brag as a kid, so there was a limiting belief I needed to release. As I have recorded my abundance, celebrated and bragged I have found a wonderful sense of joy in my life.I have found that child within and it’s coming out to play. It is an awesome feeling to wake up each day feeling so much joy and gratitude.

Gratitude to

  • Tatterdemalion¬†¬† for the beautiful image
  • Michael Losier for the Allowing recording and a wonderful newsletter full of abundant tools and tips and for providing such a simple process.

Wishing everyone a joyful, playful and abundant day. If you want to share more of my joy please follow me Twitter. I am planning to share my wins there too.

Photo by Allison Jennings