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 Gold Coast

Wow I was here before due check in time. Des was amazed as I usually push the envelope and arrive just in time. Standing in a queue is not one of my passions.

Now at 6 am I have attracted an extra 30 minutes to write another blog post. There is bad weather and industrial action in Sydney, so we are hanging out at the airport, saving fuel a good thing rather than circling over Sydney waiting to land.

Now time to think what have I forgotten, nothing springs to mind. Was going to order some books  from Amazon, will now use the Canadian Chapters as I discovered shipping to Canada was like shipping to Australia, price wise.
I know and this has been stressed on me that I am going to Canada – yes it is North America and it is not USA. I have just switched off the mobile and think, what’s my pin number and the diary has been left  behind.

This is dawn at Gold Coast Airport taken on the dawn setting, rather more surrealistic than the reality. You gotta love those palm trees.

Plane has just been called, off to Sydney.

When I arrrived in Sydney I felt like skipping along the walkways, this is for real now, I am REALLY off to Vancouver and it is June 3.


A long turbulent flight, good to be here.  Not quite summer. Wet and grey, and cold. I am so glad I have my boots. Free wifi is wonderful. Sitting in a Blenz coffee shop, finishing this post. Sheraton Hotel hasn’t reached the wifi age yet, still ethernet at $12 can a day.

I head off to see what Apple can do about the chipped corner and spinning beachballs on my apple mac.

See you tomorrow for an update, after I meet with Glenda.

 Have a delicious day and somewhere the sun must be shining!