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Barak Obama’s Inauguration Inspires  Me!

Today  I woke up at 1.45 AM Aussie time( 10.45 am EST) and instead of turning over and going back to sleep I got up and turned on the TV, just to see what was happening with the inauguration. Generally I take very little interest in politics, but this was different. I became totally absorbed in the commentary and the events as they unfolded.

I decided to be part of this history making inauguration.

I could feel the excitement and I watched with fascination the amazing crowds on the mall. I could sense the feeling of hope for change  and expectation of better days ahead. The sun also shone on the day even if it was 30F!

The following words and phrases stood out for me from Obama’s speech:

“We have chosen hope over fear,

Rising tide of prosperity,

The still water of peace

Extend opportunity to every willing heart

Dream of change

Our patchwork heritage

So it has been, so it must be

Pick ourself up, dust ourself off

The world has changed and we must change with it.




– Barak Obama

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