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Yes I stuffed up  BIG TIME yesterday, 3 simple steps, or so I thought became something of a nightmare. I thought prizes drove people to your site? Seems I drove them away!

Tearing Hair OutWhat I thought was 3 simple steps became too hard. Just one brave person entered the contest Sue from Sueblimely, who will win a prize of her choice. Then Des being the supportive partner he is , thought he would enter knowing he couldn’t win the prizes. I had gone to bed, Glenda was not around and hadn’t been party to this, Des found trying to follow the steps I had set out was just too confusing. He was ready to tear his hair out. He ventured on and has written Tweetathon Up and Running 

 3 rules I forgot:


I had read several of Darrens’ posts about hosting competitions. I focussed on the the more complex one and have just revisted this post which emphasises the KISS principle:

Keep it Simple – a competition can run into trouble on numerous fronts the more complicated you make it. Every extra requirement that you make on those entering decreases the likely participation rate, every extra post you do it on it will frustrate an element of your readers and every extra hour you spend moderating and administering it will take you away from the core business of your blog (producing content and building community)


Don't Make Me thinkWe even have this book! As I am a skimmer of blog posts, how could I expect everyone to follow, what I thought was simple. I realize now that I should have made sure I could follow the steps myself.






How could I forget this I have heard it so many times. Sometimes my mind races away. Often I will read a post out to Des and he will say there are 3 blogs post there! Well this was what happened yesterday. Maybe be more.

Will there be another competition yes? Coming right up and it will have ONE focus and be simple. I will road test what I am asking my readers to do.

I hope that anyone who was deterred this time will be willing to try again.

Have you had a stuff up or a great success? Please share below or track back here

Photo courtesy of Dan 4th