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Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. – Confucius

I have set myself a goal, that by February 1 2008 I will have simplified/deluttered the house, my studio area, my wardrobe, the garage, my computers, the old PC and the new macbook, my email in boxes – old outlook, new mac mail plus gmail, clarifyied my blogging goals for 2008, getting the accounts clear and just another 20 or so things in my note book.

I have seen a little procrastination set in

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So I headed over to Zen Habits see what Leo Babauta, the master of simplicity had to say:

“Simplifying can sometimes be overwhelming. The amount of stuff you have in your life and the amount of things you have to do can be too big a mountain to tackle.”

Leo outlines 10 ways you can simplify your life to deal with the overwhelm that comes with this simplifying process.

I love the idea of having clear in trays and I know today having empty email inboxes was pure bliss and so much easier to process.

It’s the full in trays I will tackle next.

I would welcome you sharing any similar experiences you may have had and how you overcame the feeling of overwhelm.