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I joined Facebook late in May, when a family member invited me. I haven’t done much with it since, until two days ago when I volunteered to look at Facebook as part of the Group Research Project sponsored by Wendy Piersall at emomsathome – 28 Internet Marketing and Home Business How To?s.

On Wednesday, How to market and promote your business via Facebook was the only topic left. I thought: ” Well I want to know more about this, I’ll put my hand up.”

Step one to marketing and promoting your business via Facebook. Facebook, like most social networks, requires you to complete your profile.

Here is My Facebook profile


You can choose how much or how little information you wish your friends and networks to see. You can also change your region: today I moved my region from Australia to one of my favorite cities, San Francisco. This gives you more scope to broaden your networks. You can change your region twice every 60 days.

Facebook is made up of many networks, each is based around a workplace, region, high school or college. Join a network to discover the people who work, live or study around you.

Facebook wants you to share your information with exactly the people you want to see it. On this page, you’ll find all the controls you need to set to who can see your profile and the stuff in it, who can find and contact you on Facebook.

ScreenShot016 Read more here

Facebook is a more selective site than some,such as MySpace. So with Facebook, you can have some confidence that the people in your network are on a compatible wave length with you. The social web has an interesting post on : Facebook and My Space are like Chalk and Cheese.

Ways to promote and market with Facebook:

1. Make sure when you fill in your profile, you include your blog or website URL

2.Start a group about your niche or product. Yesterday I started an Abundance Thinking Group, invited my friends to join and have 3 other people who have joined so far.

3. Sell and promote on the Marketplace


You can promote and sell your products, or promote some of your affiliate products that are relevant to your group.

One of my friends Carolinda from t5t 5 Tibetans is promoting and selling her book and DVD on the Facebook marketplace.

You can buy flyers from Facebook- $10 for 5000 impressions- that you can use to promote yourself or your business in the marketplace. Read more at Pronet Advertising

4. Advertise an event you are running or attending. Today I was invited to attend Blog Business Summit.


5. Join other groups and participate. There are now 80 million members of Facebook and thousand of networks. The opportunities to promote yourself and your business are extensive. Like other social networking sites, Facebook takes time and effort to use effectively.