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There is a great post over at Problogger whose title is guaranteed to get lots of readers and will be well dugg too. 10 Techniques I Used To Go From 0 To 12,000 RSS Subscribers In Seven Months – With No Ads Or Leverage. The post is written by Trent Hamm from The Simple Dollar.

There is one technique from the 10 great ones that caught my attention and that was of Scheduling Posts.

Last week I set myself a tracking sheet in Excel, I was excited about blogging and moving fast so I set myself a goal of doing two posts a day. As I had commented earlier that I was waking up early in the morning with ideas

Well a few things got in the way, like reading email, reading blogs, getting new ideas and come Sunday and I add up my totals! Not quite there- an unrealistic goal? The area I must focus on is writing the posts. The tracker below shows this


This to me looks like I need to create daily powerful focused intentions – interesting as the card that fell out from my Angel cards this morning was Focused Intention. Back to the Power Hour principle.

This week I will fouc on getting to having one post a day and create that as a daily habit. I know I missed Monday and Wednesday this week so there will be a couple of 2 post a day.

I remember reading in John Chow’s E-Book Make Money Online, that he has 3 or 4 post written ahead, a practice that I see now as being essential.

If anyone reading this would like to share their scheduled posting experiences , please leave a comment.