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Sometimes just when you feel you are making big steps forward. a little or even big demon, usually in my mind sets me up for a fall or failure. This often for me can be a chain reaction. where I spiral down and out.

I was feeling a little this way this morning. I was wondering when there would be light at the end of the tunnel. We are now 6 weeks into 2008 and I still am working on my plan.

The beach Coach asked what was the question I ask myself when I use the word NOT?  So what do I want?   I said.This morning my answer was $$$! So I need a real plan with some milestones for that. I have my plan for the year , now I need some baby steps.

Instead of turning on my computer this morning, I got the got my Art Diary style planner out and colored pens- good, old-fashioned paper and pens.

I had done the mind map  of the big picture and this morning I planned out the daily and weekly action steps I am going to take.


This was simple and I kept it on my desk beside me, ticking off the actions as I completed them.I think this method will be more efficient for me now, rather then using Google Docs.

I have wastedicon_wink spent many hours experimenting in the past weeks with a variety of GDT  tools.

After reading a great post today  Scaling Yourself by Chris Brogan I thought maybe I would look at using Things- a Mac based GDT tool. Tonight I have decided to  stay with this  for the rest of this month. I am planning to learn some of the shortcuts Chris talks about, to have more minutes in the day.

 It was heartening to read a comment by Mark ( Wizzer)Wilson, on Lighten Up By Stripping Away,.about how he went through  a pain barrier, after reading The Four Hour Work Week. He did, 6 months ago, do what I have been doing this week in stripping away the superfulous stuff.  I must remember I can always resubscribe!

For example, as mentioned yesterday I have been simplifying my feed reader. Although I haven’t yet got my reader back to what seems to be a manageable number. Ten seems to be ideal for many.

How many feeds do you have in your reader and what is your reader of choice?

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