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Yesterday I almost cried CryingI have been spending time writing posts to get my new Suzie Cheel Art and Beyond site up.

I was in the middle of a new post, inserting a new image and was taking a short cut, looking up the url from my FTP application: this looks like a no, no. I kept being asked for a password, very strange. Also I had claimed the blog at Technorati and wonder if that triggered what was to come next. I also had inadvertently clicked on a link in an email from Technorati, which I now know was a hoax!

The next thing was a blank page and then a 500 Internal server error. I then checked Zen Law of Attraction, this site, Webarts and Des Walsh dot Com, ALL getting the 500 error.

Panic, just mildly. Des got onto Hostgator: they told us to send a support message in. The
re was nothing to do: I couldn’t fix it and I like to fix things. After an hour or so pages were back up, I couldn’t access Suzie Cheel, need to reset the password.

Des made an observation that I treat my computer’s problems personally. This is my supposedly wonderful Apple Mac. That’s another story.

So if you are wondering how I am going with my BHAG, I have been through the panic stage and now totally focused on getting the resources in place. If any one has any Star Alliance miles they would like to contribute, that would be wonderful. I have enough One World points, but no flights. Maybe we could swap! Also I would like to fly directly to Vancouver with Canada Air

By tonight the quilts and scarves will be online, the domains we have for sale up on Thinking Home Business.

Do you have any how could my computer do this to me stories to share?

Gratitude to A.Ddiction for the wonderful image Fdaitha