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What Are You Being Grateful For Today?

I made this video last week and posted it on my Gratitude site

I then received this comment late last night from my friend Bill Vick, via skype that made my heart sing.

Just a fast note that I spent the weekend taking note of your video on gratitude and abundance and it was my focus. Very solid stuff Suzie and very meaningful. Your honesty and goodness comes through your videos.

I kept looking around and asking myself (and Patty) look at this and that and aren’t we fortunate to be able to see it and enjoy it together…  All because of your video Suzie. I figure if I can reach and impact one person a week I’ve had a good week and I know for a fact you reached two last week – Patty and me- Bill Vick- Xtreme Recruiting

Then I headed over to my youtube and discovered more comments where people had been reminded that it is the small and/or little things that make a big difference.

I credit being grateful for ‘the little things’ as what gave me? the strength to turn things around. Thanks for reminding me!- Sharon O’Day

Loved your talk on abundance! I am working on my mindset and anyone can be grateful for so many? of the small things in life! Thanks for giving us the reminder.- Karen Brooks

Suzie, this is a? wonderful refreshing reminder for me. It’s the simple things that we forget to rejoice every day that count.- Michaele Harrington

There are more comments on You tube, head over there read them and leave a comment

How does being grateful for the small things in life attract abundance for you?



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