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Photos by  guulead

Do you ever get to the point where you are about to make a decision that will move you forward?

It might be taking you out of your comfort zone.  You feel great, you feel in high vibes and then  WHAM BAMM  you

get butterflies in your stomach, the what if syndrome checks in and……………..

Yesterday that was where I was at. Des had been listening to Michael Losier’s introduction CD to LOA and he recognised that I was at "The here we go again" point with my BHAG.

Des reminded me of an incident about 12 years ago when I was at Camp Eden, a health resort and I didn’t go on the Flying Fox. I just wasn’t at the time able to take that leap forward and on reflection that has limited me in many ways over the past 10 years or so.

Flying Fox

So what to do? Des coached me through the pros and cons. So what was stopping me? The main reason was the $ and the airfare. I had decided not to compromise and wanted to fly Canada Air – a direct flight from Sydney, rather than a cheaper fare with China Air via Taipei. After much discussion I decided I was going to go, take the leap of faith and went to bed for an early night.

Des asked me in the morning if I was still going , I said yes. I still had to book that ticket.

I drove Des to the airport and drove down to Rainbow Bay for a dawn walk.

Do you have a story of something you that you know could have changed your history if you had taken that leap of faith?



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