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How exciting: A competition!

Yes I am excited and it has me moving on my slightly delayed 2010 project to be living large!

Next Top Author

This competition was created by James Twyman and Robert Evans, creator of the Messenger Mini-Book Program .The grand prize is a book contract from Hampton Roads Publishing, one of the top Body-Mind-Spirit publishers in the world, along with a promotional package worth over $50,000.

There emergings a meditationare 3 rounds of voting. The first round has started, and finishes on May 3rd at Midnight. (Not sure if it is EST or PST)

I could use your vote to move to Round 2. Come along for the ride- it will be fun. I am going to be sharing my progress via this blog and video at You can learn from me as I go. I will be using a variety of media to share my message.

Please check out the video I made as my “book pitch” for the “Next Top Spiritual Author” contest. I have entered my book emergings – a meditation on the emotions of change, which  is currently self-published at Blurb.

If you think Emergings will inspire others I would love your vote

you can vote HERE  NOW

This competition has 4 rounds and you can vote for as many authors in the competition as you want but only once per round. You will need to sign up for the site to find out when the next voting takes places but can opt out if you are receiving emails you do not want or after the competition is over. I have registered as a voter too and I have not received any emails.

Please  yellow arrowtake the time to vote if you enjoyed this video, remember you will get some goodies from me too

I would love to read your comments on the video,  and please do share with your friends.

PS: You can listen to Des Walsh talk with me about what I am doing on Blog Talk radio this Thursday PDT 1pm, AEST Fri 23rd 6 am and tomorrow on Ustream  Wednesday (USA) at 1.30 PST on with Andrew Gay and Steve Elerick



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